SABA TAKU!!(Sushi)

Hello. I'm Mayu from J-Hoppers Hiroshima.

What's your favorite food? Any food from your country 

or some Japanese food?

For me, My best one is Sushi(*´▽`*)


Sushi is absolutely

amazing and beautiful Japanese food!! 

I enjoyed some last night at Osaka.

I found a new style sushi in there.

It's a king of Makizushi. (Sushi roll) 

The name is SABA TAKU.

SABA means Morth Borneo. 


A fish with a bluish back、such as the Japanese sardine.

It's my favorite fish.

This Makizushi has SABA and Takuwan.


It's made of Japanese radish.


This a combination was marvelous!!!!!!!!!!!
If you like Sushi,You should try it in someday!

Japanese sushi chef will turn out 

new sushi one by one(*´▽`*)

I take pride of this great culture!!




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