SAMUI (It's harsh) in 2017

 Belated Happy New Year !!

It is snowing in Hiroshima. ( ゚Д゚) 
I still miss summer.

Hi, this is Shiori from J-hoppers Hiroshima.

I have in mind at around this time of year that I shouldn't have eaten too much during New year holidays :(

I am getting fat more and more. TT

So, I bought a whole workout clothes set for training at GYM to solve this matter.
(But I have not signed up for a gym yet.) 

When I nervously clicked place your order on shopping site to get a swimming suit, my mom was looking at me and she said "Are you really sure to go to gym? Can you keep it up?"


I know my mom knows everything about me. 
I always spend money easily and I tend to get tired of things quickly...

Her words bit hit me. →Specially "Can you keep it up?"

With that being said,  I declare to go to gym at least for 6 month or until losing weight -5kg. 
・・・・・・제 파이팅!


Anyway, everyone take care not to catch a cold :)


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