Kyoto : Kimono : Camera

Hello! This is Tomomi from Hiroshima HANA.

Last month, we celebrated J-Hoppers' 15th anniversary with a party in KYOTO.
It was really fun!

While in Kyoto, we managed to visit some temples and dress up with a Kimono.

It was the first time for me to wear such a colorful one. So it was exciting!
We were taking pictures with our phones, but then a Japanese guy came and told us he could take the pictures for us.

It turned out he was a professional photographer. So lucky for us!! 

I was so surprised because the pictures taken by his camera were so good and different compared to those taken by my iPhone… 

So I started to think about getting a better camera, but on the other hand, it always looks so heavy…

So, if you know a good camera, which is not that big and heavy, please send me your recommendations!

And if I get the chance to wear such a colorful Kimono again, I would be very happy.


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