Sarubobo drawings

If you have not seen Sarubobo then you have not been in Gifu prefecture yet !
Sarubobo is really famous here, and almost everywhere !

Sarubobo can be seen as a mascot now, but it used to be a popular amulet and doll for young girls. "Saru-" means Monkey and "-bobo" baby. The mother and grand-mother make the doll from the zabuton, those small pillow used to seat on in Japanese house. Sarubobo as no face as the child can project the image, it can be anyone !

And here in Takayama you can see Sarubobo even in our guesthouse !
Lately I drew a lot of book cover for the "Guest Book".
My first Sarubobo cover was in November 2016.

Then I made a new one for February (well January was a Rooster) and prepare one for the next season ! Now I do not have other choice to keep on drawing Sarubobo for each cover of our Guest Book !

And of course when my manager asked me to draw the cover of our "Recipe Book" I could not do anything else than... Sarubobo !

I am becoming a professional for Sarubobo drawing.

Can you see the Rooster on the last three ones ?


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