Washi stores in Kyoto

Hi there ! It's Madi from Kyoto Hana Hostel :)

Today I'm talking about washi stores in Kyoto.

Few months before, one of my friend who is from states and currently lives in Hiroshima told me that there is the nice washi shop in downtown.
And when she was explaining how good that shop is, she was smiling and exciting which was unusual for her cause she is normally cool so she made me curious and finally I went there yesterday :)

Before I go crazy to talk about that shop, please allow me to explain what washi is.

Washi is Japanese traditional handmade paper and is used is tough, bug-proof, and really versatile. Sometimes it is dyed after the sheets are dry, instead of during the paper-making process. Washi patterns and designs can be controlled by folding techniques before dyeing! Dyeing only the edges of the folds can create fantastic, heart-warming designs so beautiful they can be framed, or used as center pieces and also used for paper screens, paper screen doors called shoji.

*Washi lanterns*

So now get back to my story ! The store is located near Nishiki food market in Kyoto. The name is Suzuki shofudo.
As soon as you enter into the store, you will be surprised by the number of items !
You can see the different design of washi sheets on the wall and washi items are everywhere so you may feel like you are in the wonderland ;)

I didn't expect but I spent 1 hour there (so I was late to see my friend !) and couldn't decide what to get for a while ! Well I wasn't meant to buy anything but couldn't help once I entered into the store ! So spent for a while there, walked around over and over... then at the end I spent 5000JPY for one time shopping LOL Dear... !

*These are all made by Washi !*
If you are looking for nice or traditional souvenirs from Kyoto, this may be good but be aware that you will spent much money and time like me LOL


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