What do you have when you get cold?

Hello this is Kana from Hiroshima Hana Hostel.
How was your first month of  2017? I hope all of you had great holiday with your family and friends! And I did and really enjoyed Japanese traditional new year!

It is still really cold in Japan and I am wondering that how long more it will be last long... I wouldn't say I don't like winter but I prefer little bit more warm...hehehe :)

Actually I have just recovered from cold and back to work today.

 I had high fever like this from last Sat ↓↓

I haven't had that much fever for ages. So dizzy whole day and couldn't even walk and breath.
I have a queation for you.

What do you have when you get cold??

 We usually have rice porridge. When I was kid, my mum used to make it for me.

If you are too sick to have rice porridge, we  drink POCARI instead↓↓↓
It has good enough nutrition if you can not eat anything. 
(with throat lozenge)

Unfortunately my POCARI run out so quickly and I was in deep trouble... I can't eat anything... But there is NO POCARI...But I am wasy too sick to go out and get it...
At the moment my mum text me with the recipe of hand made POCARI!!!! I was so dizzy and lazy to make it but kept on telling myself that BETTER THAN GO OUT AND GET IT....

And finally made it...

It is really easy actually. mixed up salt, sugar, water and lemon juice...that's it!! 

Please let me know if you have any other recipe that make sick better!!

Also hangover too...POCARI also good for hangover!


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