Country side cycling tour @ GOMA&SHICHIMI

Sakura season is coming soon.
Whoo!!!!! However hope all of you are not suffering from pollen allergy.
As daily habit I eat Yogurt  and do Yoga every morning to prevent this Allergy.

This Saturday I joined cycling tour to feel the begging of spring for the first time.
This cycling tour was just started by my friend and her husband near GOMA country side of Kyoto(about 1 hour). Actually I met her as guest of J-Stay.

One of our guest from Iceland joined this tour because she talked to me her hobby is cycling.
We met them 9:30 at Kameoka Station and then arrived to cycling station and theirs house under renovation by car.

Our goal 20km
cafe restaurant "SHICHIMI SHOGAKKO"
Visiting  Shirne to have fresh air.
Go around to see country side scenery.

On the way we found tiny edible wild plant "FUKINO TOU" on the small on footpath. The fragrance is so special like bitter and sweets. It is the first time to see in nature. Because always I have seen them at supermarket.

After 1 hour, we arrived our goal to have lunch Italian cafe restaurant "SHICHIMI SHOGAKKO" renovated old elementary school. In this building there are Rice cookies shop, illustrated books, antique shop, library, cafe, etc.

We enjoyed Italian amazing Pizza and pasta. There are so many kind of yummy past so it is impossible to choose one.

"Pandozo Cafe" There is Open kling for Pizza. The owner moved to open this restaurant from Sonobe station 5 years ago.

After satified our appetite, we visit Shrine "SHICHIMI HACHIMANGU"
There are holly tree more than 350 years old. The is only silence. No birds, No winds, No people. Just Silence. There is not this kind of shrine at the center of Kyoto.

And then we got back again cafe "MOUKI UBOKU" to tast Amazing cafe and cakes.
The owner baked all cake. This time I tasted GREEN TEA baked cake. Tasted so deep green tea but at the same time bitter of green tea a bit. It is incredible 600yen.

The way to back more one hour. But TREK Bike has 8 gear on rear tire. It is easy to go up hill.

I want to try again another season greenery on May.

Of course dinner was Tempura of this wild plants. We tasted Spring taste.



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