Hi, to all those kind people who spare their precious time to check out such an ordinary blog of mine! hehe It's Chippy from J Hoppers Hiroshima :D

About a week ago I had a friend coming over to Hiroshima from Tokyo. She's my friend back in university and we've known each other for more than seven years.

When we travel & go sightseeing together, it always becomes a "All YOU CAN EAT" trip! This time again, we were to eat yummy food as much as possible, and Onomichi would be the place!

It takes about an hour and a half to get to Onomichi from Hiroshima by JR local train and it costs less than 2,000yen.

The city is famous for Ramen noodles which come in soy sauce flavored soup.
Right after we got off the train, we actually saw a few Ramen places and it was really hard to make a decision. We were walking around for almost one hour and finally we picked one place called "Kuh-kai."

After having waited for about 15 minutes, the meal was finally served!

The noodles were actually SUPER good! I don't really eat Ramen as my daily meal, but this one tasted really good! Plus, we only paid for about 500yen for each bowl. It was too good to be served for 500!!

Onomichi is also a fun place to exercise yourself; hike a small mountain and visit the Senkohji temple, go for a walk by the seaside or hire a bike and do 72kilo cycling!
Beautiful scenery from the temple
You'll see many cute cats on the streets <3
We had a plenty of delicious foods in Onomichi but it seems I don't have enough space to write all of the details... so I'll save it for the next time! ;P

If you are here in Japan to experience cultures including its tasty food, Onomichi is somewhere you don't want to miss to visit!! Check online for more details about the city or ask the staff when you arrive at J Hoppers Hiroshima:)

I personally will try 72kilo cycling within a year! Who's with meee??

Go get sightseeing info of Onomichi on the city website "ONONAVI":


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