Hi, it's Shiori from J-hoppers Hiroshima.

Finally I recently went to rabbit island!!!



I bought cabbage and rabbit food in advance.

When I got off ferry in island, many rabbit was getting wind it and running at me.

I thought I am so popular here. It's like a paradise.

I wanted to keep this happy time as long as possible, so I tried to give the food little by little to rabbit.

My boyfriend looked at me and mumble

"You are mean.."

And he gave many foods to rabbit, of course  I wasn't getting popular because of him (and my way). It's not so funny!!

After that we visited poison gas museum.
It was a small museum but it made me think about a lot of things.


In conclusion, NO MORE WAR!!

Time of departure, we still had one big cabbage.
Then we bet which rabbit get it. We left and gazed at the cabbage in few minutes.

At that time, a boy (human) came in front of us and got it.


We were a loss for wards.

Anyway, we had good time.
There are many rabbits any where and they welcome you so kindly if you have foods.

You can relax and heal there:)


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