OPENING GAME for Professional baseball


Our home term CARP!!
It's coming the first game tomorrow(*^-^*)
Home stadium will be totally bright red like this picture!!

CARP was champion in Central league.
But they couldn't be winner in whole league.

We are waiting a day what they will be champion in Japan!!

It will be held a ceremony for opening game tomorrow!!
And after that, I'm sure that so many Carp fan is going to
Nagarekawa(An area for night life) to have nice drink and
have wonderful chat each other (*^-^*)


I would like to go for a game more than 3 times for this season.
My best player is Kikuchi.  He is really good at defense.
People call him [忍者 ninja] .
He is so cool (*^▽^*)

I believe that our CARP will be the best team!!!!
Let's go for a game while your travel in Japan :)



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