Hello from Hiroshima Hana Hostel.
It's Kana here.

It's Middle of Spring in Japan which is my most favorite season of  the year!! Not too hot, not too cold and speak of spring is SAKURA! Cherry blossom!!

What we must do in this season...


Have you heard of it ? Hanami is "Cherry Blossom Viewing"

What we do??

We enjoy eating and drinking with Family, friends or corworkers under fully bloomed cherry blossoms.

Sometimes people stay over night at the park to get a good spot for cherry  blossoms.
Sounds crazy but we just do it. Because we can enjoy cherry blossoms only short period in April..
Cherry blossoms bloom between March and April in Japan.
Evey spring many parks get crowded with views and street stalls.
Also there are many kinds of cherry blossoms, SOMEI-YOSHINO is the most famous one in Japan.

So, we had first HANAMI yesterday with my big boss! We are allowed to drink from day time! No one complaint or doubt us as alcoholic.
We had awesome time under cherry blossoms and drink, eat and talk a lot!

I  will try my best to enjoy more Hanami as much as I can !
Please enjoy it during your stay. Don't miss it!!


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