One day, I saw the horse called “Oguri-cap” on the TV show.
He is one of the famous racehorse in Japan.
7 years has passed since he left for the sky but he is still really famous for his strength among racehorses industry.
When I saw his beautiful muscles, I was shocked and thought “I must go and see racehorses on my own eyes!”
So I asked my friend who knows well about Keiba to take me to Hanshin Keiba racecourse.

Before I went there, my friend told me that there are usually very crowded but it was not so bad as I thought because the place was really huge. 
When we went through the entrance gate, the race was already started and more than 10 horses were running around the big big course.
It was so cool so I couldn’t keep my eyes off them.
From the next race, I bet 100 yen / per race on horses. I tried my best to get my money back but the god of racehorses didn’t give me a beginner’s luck.

But it’s okay. I enjoyed watching horses’ muscles and their running. It’s enough for me.


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