Microbrewery Beer Festival

Hi. This is Tomomi from Hiroshima HANA.

It's getting hot in Hiroshima.
Did you enjoy the cherry blossoms in Japan?
Actually all cherry blossoms have fallen already, but it was so beautiful!!

5min walk from Hana hostel
A few days ago, I visited the Microbrewery Beer Festival at a park near the Atomic-bomb Dorm in Hiroshima for the first time.
It was a really hot day. So a lot of people enjoyed having various kinds of beer and I saw some people already wearing T-shirts. Also a lot of tourists were there.

Actually, I don't like beer.:D But there are a lot of food stalls which sell really tasty food! So even if you do not like beer, you can enjoy the beer festival and it's admission free. If I have time, I will go to this festival again next year.


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