Sakura hunting on bicycle

On my day off a few days ago, blessed with marvelous weather, I went on a sakura-hunting day-trip on my bicycle, from Takayama to Kokufu. I mainly followed the path along the river, which is lined with cherry blossoms trees in certain sections. As you might notice, the cherry blossoms season in Takayama is a bit later than many other areas on Japan due to its high altitude and bitterly cold winter. Even during the sakura season, the temperature can still drop to nearly 0 degree, and quite a few of our guests have been caught off guard by this, not being prepared for such freezing temperature in the early morning and at night.

However, as the sakura season is coming to an end, we will be welcoming new green shoots and warmer weather soon.  But for the time being, please enjoy seeing the beautiful pink colors decorating the route all the way from Takayama to Kokufu. I do recommend you do a cycling trip from Takayama, venturing a bit far outside of the city so that you can enjoy fantastic views of the natural landscape.


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