Hi.This is Ena from Hiroshima Hana Hostel.

Are you a Cat🐱 person or a Dog🐶 person?
I prefer dogs especially Shiba dogs:one of Japan’s six native breeds and one of the most popular dogs all over the world. I am a big fan of them.
Once you open my Instagram,you can see many photos of them since I follows many people who have Shibas.
He is one of the most famous Shibas in Japan. 
▼If you are a dog-lover,please check it out!▼ 
  @marutaro Japanese Shiba MARU

My grandpa also has a Shiba,named Ryu,and every time we visit him we take her for a walk .She is not a puppy but small because she is a breed of dog, called Mame(small-sized) Shibas.This month,I went with my sister to my grandpa's house.
 It was such a nice day.We stayed out side for a long time.
During walking with my sister and Ryu,we found many spring plants and picked up some  and after that asked my grandma to cook them. This is how I enjoy my spring.Enjoy the rest of your spring!  
Look! How small she is...


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