Playing tourist/guide in Takayama

Hi everyone, it is Nana from J-Hoppers Hida Takayama Guesthouse.
This week some of my friends came to Takayama.
I took some day off to show them around, and it was quite fun to play again the tourist here.

My friends stay three nights so I got two days to go around Takayama.

About 13km Loop
As the first day seemed to be not rainy we decided to walk a lot ! A LOT !
We start by eating a big breakfast at Hosoheya in front of the Jinya. This place open early and offer a Japanese breakfast : rice, miso soup, raw of fried egg, nori, cooked legumes and pickles ; for 650 yen, but I recommend to take the Komo-dofu as a side dish, a lot way of eating tofu, for 250 yen.  Then we went to the morning markets and reached the Kitayama park for it view on the mountains and city. From there we headed to the Shiroyama walking course through the graves and forest, my friends was nice enough to follow me... Then we get a lunch at Dining Bull before leaving for the next destination : Hida Folk village. We must have spent two hours there before going back to J-Hoppers where we rested and choose our dinner place, which change because the place was close and finished in Chapala, a mexican restaurant.
The Hida Folk Village

The Showa-kan Museum
The next day we went the Museum of Art and History of Takayama. This museum is a free entrance one and is nice because it presents all most every aspect of Takayama since its beginning under Kanamori and the Edo period. The first rooms have a lot of English explanation and sometimes volunteer guide can also show you around. We left the Museum and had a look to the Library which is an ancient school. Then we get soba at Daikokuya, near the Enako river less crowded than the Yasugawa avenue. Then we visited the Showa-kan museum, a nostalgia museum, free entrance is 800 yen. Afterward we walk along the old streets and enter some cute shops. Quite tired we got some rest in at Coffee Don and pay a visit to the Kokubunji temple and its Ginko Biloba, a giant tree. For the night we went to Heianraku a Chinese Local restaurant absolutely delicious and comfy.
Cute crafts and shops in Sannomachi

For the last morning we took a breakfast near the Kaji bridge and spent some times at the morning markets before splitting in front of the Jinya.

Morning market and breakfast
It was really a while since I showed around Takayama to some friends. It was also really nice to spent those two days with my friends who are starting there working holiday in Japan.
And who knows I may show you around Takayama next times, but from now I have some learning to do...


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