Toyama trip with my sister

My sister came to visit me in late April and we went to Toyama prefecture for a short trip. I have been longing for seeing beautiful tulips for a while. After checking the official website of the Tonami Tulip Fair 2017, we decided to visit it as almost all tulips is in full bloom at that time. The Tulip Fair does not disappoint us and we enjoy so much walking around the park. The park is unexpectedly huge with plenty of tulips. We are surprised with the numerous varieties of Tulip presented in the park. We feel like ourselves in Amsterdam!! :) We also tried the famous Tulip ice cream although we found that the taste is like vanilla. :P Since it is still in late April, we are able to see both cherry and tulip blossom at the same time. It is so unforgettable to pass through the tunnel with both pink cherry and yellow tulips!!!


On the second day, we went to Takaoka’s Kito Kito Seafood market to eat the fresh seafood from Toyama sea and see the crab afternoon auction. It was fun to pick our own fish and shell fish and eat them right away (sashimi). The crab and sashimi are soooooooo fresh and delicious that we were very full at the end. On the way back, we jumped on a local Doraemon tram heading back to Takaoka station. It was a lovely tram ride where we can hug the cute Doraemon and Dorami on the tram. The decoration is also fancy that we do not wanna leave. The creator of Doraemon was born in Takaoka city and you can easily find Doraemon near to the station.

If you would like to have more information about Tulip fair and Kito Kito seafood market, please refer to the below link:


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