"Walk in Yukata & Sake Tasting Party" on May 28th(Sun)

Hi there! It's Chippy from J Hoppers Hiroshima Guesthouse.

Have you tried wearing Yukata?
When the summer season comes, it's time for us to wear Yukata and go to festivals!

If you are interested in dressing up in Japanese traditional costume and enjoying the best Sake in Japan, there's some BIG event you never want to miss!
"Walk in Yukata & Japanese Sake Party" consists of two parts; Yukata experience and Sake tasting. You can choose to join either event or both of them.

They held a Sake tasting party last month, and this time the participation fee is knocked down to 2,000yen from 3,000yen!!
Also, if you join both events, you'll get another 500yen discount! That's awesome!

To get more details and buy tickets, visit their website;

Walk in Yukata & Japanese Sake Party

Date: May 28th (Sun)
Hours: Walk in Yukata : 2:00pm-5:00pm
         Japanese Sake Party : 5:00pm-7:00pm
Fee:    Walk in Yukata : 1,500yen
        Japanese Sake Party : 2,000yen
      Walk in Yukata & Japanese Sake Party : 3,000yen
Place:  Yukata walk : Peace Memorial Park
          Sake party : Future English Hiroshima (10 minutes walk from the park)

Tickets are available online; https://en.comfy.jp/events

If you talk to the reception staff before you obtain your ticket, you might be able to get extra discount...or not :P


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