Do you like Ramen??

Hello this is Kana from Hiroshima Hana hostel.
Without noticing, it is already in June. We about to have rainy season...After that summer will begin!! Good to chill out at the beach with cold beer!!!

Do you know RAMEN? I guess quite many people are aware of RAMEN.
It is really becoming famous Japanese food in all over the world.
Ramen has many different flavor depends on where it originally made.
Like Northern Japan HOKKAIDO famous for MISO ramen. (Like miso soup).
Southern Japan, FUKUOKA has TONKOTSU ramen (Ramen noodles in pork broth soup).

and YES WE HAVE in Hiroshima !! It called " ONOMICHI RAMEN"
Onomichi Ramen is well known throughout Japan. Many tourists come to Onomichi with the intention of enjoying the city's famous noodles for lunch while taking a break from sightseeing. Itis made using a soy sauce based broth and pig's fat, which differentiates it from other areas that use miso as its base.
They are so good that the city has countless numbers of ramen shops and at some of the most popular, there are literally over 100 people lining up waiting for their turn to get a seat inside.
That what I did last time when I visited Onomichi. But it worth is.

This is one of really popular Onomichi ramen


Since after Onomichi trip, I am really into Ramen and what I do for my day off these days searching ramen shop which I have never been to and also has good review.

This is my recent favorite


The have Chicken broth instead of soy sauce based broth and pig's fat. So it tastes lighter and heather (I hope)

Onomichi is only 40minutes by Shinkansen from Hiroshima Station. If you are sick of Okonomiyaki which is one of Hiroshima's specialty food, Why Don't you try Onomichi Ramen instead?


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