Tokae in Nara

Hi, there this is Kazzy from Osaka Hana Hostel!!

Today,I would love to introduce about Tokae: )

Tokae is being held in Nara every August.

About 20,000 candles are lit up by its participants and volunteers around the Nara park for ten consecutive nights.

Nara Park is surrounded by magnificent nature and beautiful World heritage sights such as Todaiji-Temple , Kofukuji-Temple and Kasuga-Taisya Shrine.

'Toka' refers ti the flower-shaped remains after a candle wick burns out.
These remains are believed to bring good fortune hence the event was named after it.

There are several ritual ceremonies related to fire in Nara that stretch back to ancient times

Ancient people believed that they could look deeply into their hearts through fire and prayed to their deities.

Tokae has passed down this sprit and each flame represents a wish for world peace and well-being.

900,000 people join the event every year and it continues to rise in popularity.

Nara is renowned for its long history.

The city is quiet and dark at night.

Therefore, candle flames glowing at night in the park create a magnificent and spiritual atmosphere that helps visitors hear and feel warm.

This scenery is quite different from day time.

You can check the information about it from the links below!


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