An unique bar in Kyoto. Lumberyard Bar

Kyoto has so many unique bars including magic bar, monk bar, beach dining bar...

I always wanted to go to a place that my friend recommended me, and finally got to try it on a sunny day.

It's called "Ikura lumberyard" - yes, it's literally a tiny lumberyard where you can smell freshly chopped woods.
And they also have semi-door standing bar space people feel the summer breeze, and social with other friendly customers who are always up for good chitchat at the shared table.

We had already had dinner so just decided to have some drinks and snacks.
Usually standing bars have small snacks and cheap drinks, but Ikura offers more than that - they have a grill outside right next to the tables, to cook their fresh fish, juicy vegetable and meat. The smell from the grill is absolutely their "trap" that makes everyone attracted and stop by from the street.

And their drink selection is great and very creative - I got to try made-in-Japan rum called Rurikakesu (Garrulus lidthi) from Amami island. It was very tasty!
And they also have some drinks with Mirin (rice wine) such as Mirin-lemon, which was very easy to drink and good for summer night!
And their sake selection is also very impressive - I asked "the most dried one" and the guy brought a bottle of sake from Hyogo pref. which was smooth and decently dried not too much!

Always fun to explore new places with friends' suggestion or just random find, let me know if you have some recommendations!



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