What is Teru Teru Bozu

Hi! This is Ena from Hiroshima Hana Hostel.
The rainy season started in Hiroshima in early June and continues up to the middle of July.
Last Saturday,the baseball in Hiroshima was called off due to rain.Some of our guests with sad faces came back to our hostel on the day and I made a"Teru teru bozu(てるてるぼうず)" which is a doll made of white paper for the next baseball game on last Sunday. In a Japanese custom, people believe that if you hang this doll by windows, it will bring good weather for the next day.May it will be fine when you stay in Hiroshima!

The day before the game was rained out,I also went to watch a baseball game with my sister.
Of course,we cheered  Hiroshima carps up and won the game!Carps scored 13 points and Tigers from Osaka took 3points.We have been to the baseball stadium to watch the game many time.However,it was one of the most impressive games we have watched!We sang a winner song a lot.If you have an opportunity to come to Hiroshima,why don't you enjoy watching baseball games?

Since watching baseball games in Hiroshima is really popular,we recommend you to buy tickets in advance.
Unfortunately,all the 'reserved seats of carp side' have been sold out for this season.
However,there are some games available that you can buy tickets of 'none reserved seats' or 'Visitors seats(You cannot wear the Carp T-shirt.)'. 

Hiroshima Toyo Carp HP(ENG )
 Check available seats !(JPN)

<How to buy tickets>
*Advance tickets sales 
@The front tickets office on the first-base side of the Hiroshima Mazda baseball stadium
(ONLY 5min walk from Hiroshima Hana Hostel)

On Game day :From 11am to 30min after the game is over
None Game day: From 11am to 4pm

If you do not have free time in Hiroshima,you can also enjoy it in Osaka,Tokyo and Fukuoka....!
Please check it out before you go.


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