Tour guide in Takayama

Hi everyone,

It is Nana from Takayama.

Two weeks ago, I went to Osaka and not only for fun this time. Well, it is always fun to hung out with my previous colleague from Hana Hostel and Hana Sake Bar, however this time it was mainly for work.

Do you know that we run tour to Shirakawa-go here in Takayama ?
Shirakawa-go and the Ogimachi village is the a must-see touristic spot from Takayama. The village is registered as the UNESCO heritage list. The village is surrounded by beautiful mountains and still have a lot of typical houses : Gassho-zukuri.

Our team is, time to time, accompanying the tour, and if it is more for the Tour team, some receptionist does this job too. However, to escort the group here in Japan you need to pass a licence... That the reason why I was in Osaka.

The licence is delivered just after you pass the test. The test is divided in two : 30min about law and ordinance, and 30min about common tour guide knowledge. Both test take place just after the lesson, and for Japanese and fluent reader it should not even be a problem to pass it.

However, in my case I was really stressed ! If I speak fluently write and read is different. Specially when it is written with quite strict and not so use Japanese word and grammar for law. So the first test -about law- was a really nerves breaker... The geography part was fun, but I do regret my mistakes during the test...

And well, I passed it ! I still have the in-site test...

If you join our tour, who knows, I may escort you.


Maria Devina said…
Hello, sorry to ask in your blog! im planning to take shirakawa 2 days 1 night tour from kyoto. Is it available to book for 3 january 2017? And also is the rate change or still the same?
Can you give me the price list?
And after stayed for two nights when comeback from shirakawa to kyoto can you drop me in nagoya too?
You can send me your answer to my mail much appreciate!
Unknown said…
Dear Devina,

Thank you for the inquiry.
This is Bonnie from J-hop tour.

We have replied your through facebook.
Please check.

For further inquiries, please send emails to J-hop tour email

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.
Thank you.

Best Regards,
J-hop Tour

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