Typical Ice block Sweets in Kyoto June and my tea time

Recently Kyoto its summer days like 31 or 32 degree C after noon.
We are melting easily. :p

We say June is Minatsuki (水無月) according to traditional Japanese calendar, which means lack of water because strong sunlight in summer.
So Kyoto it is common to eat typical sweets whose name is "Minatsuki."
Triangle form sticky rice cake sweet red bean on top.
This triangle form is shape of ICE.It was difficult to get ICE in the past for normal people. They did not have fridge.
The Japanese tried to feel coolness from the sweet. And Top of beans mean kick off devil because Beans (Mame) is the same sound. And Red beans contains of lot of protein.
Minatsuki there are 3 types of taste, White is normal, Green is green tea and blown one is brown sugar.

SENTARO is the Japanese sweet shop at Isetan Department store at B1 floor.
They have many different type of sweets seasonally. Because of new sweet it is nice to feel season.

My tea time one June 
Kuzu roots powder sticky rice covering boomboo leaf 

They have 3 types of Minatsuki This is typical one 

Enjoy and survive this season!



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