☆☆☆ Japanese Summer recreation ☆☆☆

Hello !!
I am Mayu from J-Hoppers Hiroshima(´▽`)
How are you? It's getting fierce heat here.


What do you do in Summer in your country ?

In Japan, There are so many recreation.
You can enjoy some summer festival  all over Japan
in this season.

Now a days that's having with fireworks!!
And also many opening shop on street.
They Offer you a meal,snack, drink and so on.


And other thing is The Beer garden.
Have you tried it?
 That's almost Japanese own culture I think.
Do you know about it?

It's usually on the roof top of some department store
or restaurant.
You need to pay only about 3000yen for female.
about 4000yen for male.

And then you can take any food and drink
during their opening hours.


They serves many kind of food.
They are so nice and good atmosphere!!!

「ビアガーデン 料理」の画像検索結果 

If you don't have an experience to go to the Beer garden,
You should go there and drink as much as you can!!!!
You can also make a good friend with
some beer !!!



  If you feel too hot and be thirsty,
We have a nice desert for Summer.
We call that Kakigori.


It's made from ice. We put some kind of syrup,
fruits, end so on.
It's very refreshing and good for Summer!!

We have so many  recreation on this season.
Please enjoy Japanese Summer with us!!!!







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