Manga and Coffee in Amemura

Hi everyone,
It is Nana from Takayama.

Last month I went to Osaka for the Hana Hostel party. It was really good to see friends who came from India and Australia, Tokyo and Fukuoka, etc. I am always impressed by the people coming for the event.

But well, I also enjoy Osaka as I could !

My first stop in Shinsaibashi was : LiLo Coffee.
Do you know this coffee place ? They are amazing. 
The staff is really nice always smiling and sharing their knowledge to help to appreciate and discover coffee. A plus, they speak English as well ! The coffee is just delicious ! it is all single origin, and the beans are roasted on the top floor of the building. If I am going to Shinsaibashi I never miss to go there and have one or two cup of coffee !

My second stop was : Village Vangard.
If you go to LiLo Coffee it is next door. This place is quite... a maze ! But if you like the pop culture : manga, magazine, books, music, etc. I do recommend you to lost your self for a time in this shop wider than you can imagine. 

My last stop was : Mandarake.
This a shop all about manga, animation, cosplay and the culture around it. Well I was looking for manga that I did not find at Village Vangard and it is almost impossible to find it here in Takayama. This kind of shop is great for the Otaku like me... too great... Some manga are so cheap that you will leave with too many of them.

Then walking in Shinsaibashi is always nostalgic for me. It really remembers me my time in Osaka and I am always happy when the guys working near Hana Hostel wave at me when I am back. If you have time enjoy Amemura too ! I still have a lot of place to share... but well it will be for another time !


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