PEACE TATTOO ~Tatoo Event in Hiroshima~

Hey, this is Shiz from J Hoppers Hiroshima.
I've been thinking about this for 2years and I think I'm gonna get one this year, Peace Tattoo! It's kinda annual tatoo event in Hiroshima in August, based on the A Bomb memorial day.
The tattoo artists are working as a charity to spread peace around the world and they offer the chance to have this tattoo based on a folded paper crane. Paper cranes come originally from the ancient Japanese tradition of origami, paper folding but today they are known as a symbol of peace.

And every year for 2 days in August, there is a chance to get this peace tatoo.
The price is 3000yen and this will be donated to the Hiroshima city foundation for the preservation and promotion of the A Bomb Dome.

I was born and grew up in Hiroshima and I love my city.
Hiroshima is a really beautiful city. I love it when I look at it from this angle
  The tattoo artists are giving this peace tattoo chance to about 1000 people and I'm hoping to get one this year:)


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