Day trip to Miyama Village for cooling

Kimy from J-Stay

Wish you the best during the hot summer !
According to Japanese traditional calendar season of autumn started form this 7th August.
But Kyoto is still hot and has humidity a lot  like hell. :*)

This weekend I organized Miyama Village day trip tour with J-Stay guests.
From 10:00am I pick them up each house by my family car and then we went to Miyama.
There are 3 guest from France, South Africa and USA. I pick up them by myself.

It is the first time to drive to Miyama under traffic jam during Obon festival.
We took almost 2 hours no stop driving.
Reserved seats from 12:30. So we arrived almost on time.

Cafe Furuya
The owner from Kochi prefecture and start to open restaurant after renovation of her mother's house at Miyama.

Strawberry shaving ice 

Temperature is 24-30 degrees so it was much cooler than Kyoto city.
But Next to the restaurant there is river side. So we went to soak legs at river to feel nature cooling.
We found small crab, small fish and newt with red stomach.

 And then we visited Miyama Kamabuki No Sato Village (Small traditional house village)
We caught small frogs from rice field and got around.
The color contrast was so beautiful , blue sky, green rice field and some flowers and brown rooftop.

Catching frogs

Cafe Miran (which means beautiful eggs) They have good eggs and milk 
He is from corn field 


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