Travel Japan with My Family

Hi everyone, it is Nana from Takayama.

I have been living in Japan for more than 2 year now (1y. in Osaka and 1y. in Takayama) and it was the first time someone from my family (and not relatives) come to Japan. My mother and her husband came in Japan for more than 2 weeks. She started her trip in Hiroshima and went twice to Miyajima ! Once for tourism and the second time to swim. She also went to Miyoshi and Mihara, I have never been there !

Then from Hiroshima she went to Kyoto in where I joined her. We went to Osaka, I really wanted to show her where I used to work during my working holiday. Then on the next day we went to Arashiyama, my first time since I am living in Japan ! I needed to catch a bus so I missed the Daimoji, but my mother get a great place behind an old lady who showed her where to look for the festival.

Then we met up again, but this time in Takayama ! One of my colleague lend me a car and so we get on travel in the Alps. We reached ShinHotoka and board the rope-way, this was also a first time for me since I working here. The day was a little be cloudy so we only see a little bit of the mountains. We spent one night in a Ryokan, a great experience for us ! Before slightly hiking in Kamikochi. Then we headed back to Takayama, but not before soaking in the Onsen ! Then my mother and husband spent 3 more nights in Takayama and also visited Shirakawa-Go, but without me.
Ryokan experience with kaiseki cuisine



Festival in Takayama

Hida Beef and Pork Yakiniku

I spent a great time with them and got the chance to test new place too ! It was a satisfying experience for everyone, and I am really happy to have been able to show my mother where I am living, where I am working, etc. The next one to come is ... the little sister in October ! Definitly different program ahead but not less fun !


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