Where the ramen has no name~~♪

Hi, there! I'm Tomo from J-kyoto.

I like to eat. Time having delicious food is one of the happiest moment in my life. Especially, I love ramen and often go find good ramen in Kyoto. I've already tried more than 50 so far and I introduce one of my favorites among them. The restaurant is called namaenonai-ramenya(名前のないラーメン屋), which means no name ramen. What's the hell? What does it mean? No name?

This is outside on the way to the entrance. As the name of it says, no sign there. Who can find that ramen restaurant lies there? Umm, how interesting!!

This is inside, wow! So sketchy..
First time to see plants in ramen restaurant.

This is the one I really like. The noodle is handmade and perfect texture.
The soup is really tasty.
There are three types(heavy, middle, light) and I recommend to choose middle or light.
Also, there are several toppings you can arrange.
You better to go try to eat it at least once.


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