The 3rd anniversary party in Qbeh!

We had a party for Q-beh's 3rd anniversary on June in Qbeh!
This is my first anniversary party because I joined Qbeh last July.
I was really happy to be here for such a commemorable day.

We made mini pizza with dumpling skins and our staff made us some super yummy dishes such as chinese style Gyoza, boiled peanuts, drum stick chicken and so on...
My stomach said "No more fooood..." but my hands didn't stop to bring yummy foods into my mouth. (and also alcohol)
And it was really nice opportunity to had a chat with people who visited here to celebrate us.

One month later, it was my 1st year anniversary in Q-beh.
I felt very quick but I got many things from this 1 year.
I didn't think that I could get used to this job because there were so many things to memorise and need to work my brain quick!
But, somehow, I am still working here and I think I got used to it.
Working in same place for a year is my first experience in my life so it has really big meaning to me.
And I believe that something inside me had a good change and my English improved a bit.

Thank you to everyone who help me and drink with me.
Thank you, thank you!


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