Friends in Takayama

Hi everyone,

This month Soda came to visit me in Takayama. Soda and I have been roommates for 2 months when I was finishing my Working Holiday in Osaka Hana Hostel and Soda starting hers. I used to work in Hana Sake Bar back then and Soda started working there when I finished. So it was really funny for us to get our working visa the same year from the company. However, Soda finished her stay in Japan this month and her last trip was here in Takayama.

Well, our trip was mostly a "Gourmet Trip" in Takayama. Starting with a gorgeous french toast shared in Kisse Kisse. Then we went to Ajikura and ate Hida Beef... such a big plate for two girls ! Then we walked a bit in the old street and climbed to the Kitayama Park where, in Ichii, we get... a dessert ! I was not excepting this huge "Chocolat Parfait" to be so "parfait" (perfect in French) And then come the night and we met with other girls at Wada Izakaya. I never ate so much in one day for a long time !

Soda and the French toast at Kisse Kisse

Ajikura "o toku mori awase" we ate everything !

Some Takayama local dishes at WADA

The "Chocolat Parfait" at Ichii

The next morning we ended up in a small cafe where we try a Takayama speciality. The place was quite fun ! It is also a old manga gallery, and cake tools gallery. We get to J-Hoppers through the Miyagawa Morning Market and then met again for lunch. Aki came with us and we ended the trip at Mametengu for ramen and tsukemen.

Funny illustrations of festivals around Takayama

Cafe and cake set

Mametengu Tsukemen

It was so nice to be able to catch each other before Soda fly out of Japan. I am sure we will meet up somewhere sometimes and I am looking forward this encounter ! Stay safe and sound Soda !


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