Lovely restaurants and cafes in Takayama

Many guests have a perception that they can only eat beef and Takayama ramen in Takayama. And I shared the same thought during my first visit in Takayama. When time goes by, I realized there are varies of choices in Takayama.

I am going to introduce some of my favorite restaurants in Takayama where you can enjoy the food not only Hida beef and Takayama ramen.

Brasserie Zinya (Opening hour: 8:00-1600)

It is a restaurant serving excellent dishes of French-japanese fusion and dessert. The chef used to live overseas and every dishes make you mouth-watering. I especially recommend the Hida beef Hamburger and cakes. You can taste freshly-grown vegetables from owner’s farm with home-made salad dressing. Recently, it also offers breakfast at 500 yen from 8:00 a.m.

Cafe Flore (Opening hour:1100-16:30, 1830-2000)

This cafe’s owner is in love with the Cafe flore in Paris and therefore opened his own Cafe Flore in Takayama. We love so much the atmosphere there not less than the tasty pasta, crepe and coffee!!!
Its specialty is the seasonal crepes while using fresh fruits from Takayama. Our favorite is the peach crepe in summer while we are looking forward to the sweet potato crepe in Autumn!!

Vogel Sang (Opening hour:1730-2400)

While my friend and I are looking for restaurants on Sunday night in Takayama, we found Vogel Sang at the corner of the street. It is a tiny restaurant where you can enjoy the wine and lovely food. The owner knows the best combination and please do not hesitate to ask!!! I recommend the quiche and the roasted chicken!!! 

Cafe Uemura (Opening hour: 1130-1630, 1900-2400)

This is the newest organic cafe in Takayama while you can taste the cuisine made by fresh and organic ingredient. The owner is also the local farmer here and he would like to make the healthy and gluten-free dishes by natural ingredient as possible. In the afternoon, it is a cafe where you can enjoy the lovely sweet and coffee while at night it becomes a pub where you can enjoy cocktails with friends.
I highly recommend the vegetable platter which the taste is so fresh that you would never forget!!


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