Summer trip in the Philiphines

Hi!  I'm Keiko and I'm a new staff of J-Hoppers Hiroshima.
I'm big fun of Miley Cyrus and i like to sing her song!

By the way, This is the first time to write a blog.
And I'm so excited to share my experiences to you.
I hope you will like and enjoy it :)


I went to the Philippines for 4days.
and this is the third time to go to the Philiphines.
( yeah, i love Philippine and actually, my boyfriend is working there.)

And I enjoyed shopping, eating Philippines fruits and meeting  my friends.
I had been to the language school in Tagaytay.
I made friends and I enjoyed learning English and my school life.
But the most thing that i love the sky in the Phillippines.

those pictures i took are my favorite sun set.
Actually, I never been to other countries. But i think the Philiphines's
sky is special for me.

As you know, the Philippines is famous for fruits such as banana and pineapple.
but my favorite is coconut which is called "Buko" in the Philippines.

Usually, I go to the market to buy buko juce.
if you have time to go to the Philippines, please try "Buko juce"
(it's really good for the health and also it's rich in mineral.)

I had a wonderful time in the Philippines with my boyfriend.

thank you for reading and see you next time!


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