’Analog’ by Takeshi Kitano

Hi, there this is Kazzy from Osaka Hana Hostel.

How are you?

It is growing colder and colder these days.
I feel fall in the air.

In the past, it was said that Fall was the best season for reading thanks to its comfortable weather and reading was thought to be one of the best way to kill time at longer night in Fall.

The reason why we still say "Fall is the best season for reading"

The other day, Ai-san who works at Hana as cleaning staff she really loves reading books, we just talked about books by chance and she said that 'I had bought the book which is new arrival and written by Takeshi Kitano, even I did not mean to buy it!!
Because the book jacket was so nice!! '

And she loaned it to me.

As you know,Takeshi Kitano is a famous comedian and movie director in Japan.
But this time, he wrote a book and it is a love story!!

The idea of this story is his ideal love which he really wanted to do.

The guy who works as a interior designer.
In this high‐tech era, he does not use IT he still

He met a beautiful woman at the cafe and fell in love with her.

Even they are attracted to each other, they do not exchange contacts.

The woman said that 'If we want to meet each other, we will definitely be able to do again.'

The story is pure and moving, I can not image that he could write such a beautiful story.

On the other hand, there are a lot of jokes are typical of him and ironic phrases.

I do not want to tell what happens anymore...

Borrowing and lending of books are good communications to know each other: )

If you have time please go to the library or book store and enjoy Reading in autumn: )

Thank you very much for your read my blog!

Have a splendid day/night!!


Anonymous said…
HI! I am coming to Japan on november, do you know where can I find Analog in english? I am from Mexico and I don't know japanese ):

Thanks (:

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