Easy Hiking Kyoto :: Kibune Area

Hi, I'm tomo, and I work at J-hoppers Kyoto.
I have lived in Kyoto for over 20 years but there are a lot of places I've never been. As you know, Kyoto has tons of things to see and you will never get tired of sightseeing. I recommend you going to the Kibune area.
Kibune is located on the north side of Kyoto. It could be the countryside compared with the downtown of Kyoto. But, the area is so mysterious, spiritual and the best to hike. Also, You can get various power from nature or a couple of temples and shrines there.

The journey to Kibune starts from the train called Eizan.

This is the view you can see in the train.
Leaves were still all green but so awesome.

 Kurama Tengu with two guests and Justin!

We walked around 3 hours. It was a little bit hard but so fun!
The view on the way to top and nature surrounded by trees gave me energy.
If you hate so crowded area and like walking, this is the best place.
Hope you will enjoy it:)


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