Autumn In Japan – How To Enjoy The Fall Foliage Season ...

Hi,this is Ena from Hiroshima Hana Hostel.
Autumn has come and it is getting colder and colder everyday.
Do you have any plans for this autumn?
I have not decide where to go but I am thinking about going somewhere with my grandma  for autumn leaf viewing.

Also,heaps of seasonal good food give us an appetite in autumn: pumpkins,sweet potatoes,chestnuts, persimmons and figs!
Every time I go to shops especially convenience store, I can not decide what to buy. 
Since I am sweets junkie,everything looks so good...
Have you ever tried sweets at convenience stores?
If not,I HIGHLY recommend you to try it once during your stay in Japan.
Each convenience store chain has its own unique products, such as popular sweets, breads,rice balls and coffees and you can enjoy tasty sweets at a reasonable price!

Please check it out!
◎Seven-Eleven Japan (JPN)

Enjoy your autumn!


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