Kyoto to Osaka, Osaka to Takayama, Travel Kansai Area and Takayama

Hi everyone,

It is Nana from J-Hoppers Hida Takayama.

The previous week was really rainy and it is the time my little sister choose to come in Japan ! She came for a little more than a week so we keep our travel between the Kansai area and Takayama. We started our trip in Kyoto meeting with my French friend, Emilie and eating sushis. We went to Nishijo Castle, the first time for me and my friend event so we have been living in Japan for quite a time now. We also visited a small Japanese Garden : Shinensen, before going to eat in an Izakaya. We also walked in the Geisha district and Yasuka-jinja.
 The next day we went to Kinkaku-ji with my sister, and I ended up messing up with the buses ! We also went to the Manga Museum and finally took a bus to go to Takayama.

In Takayama we went to Hirayu Onsen to see the waterfall and have a big soak in the Onsen.

 Then we got back to Kansai, and Osaka. We spent one day in Studio Universal Japan. 

It gave me the occasion to visit my friends in the J-Hoppers Universal too. We then headed to Shinsaibashi and spent the next day in Amemura dealing with flight cancellation due to the typhoon. We spent our last night at GREENWOOD, the guesthouse opened by my friends from Hana Hostel. 

It was quite a busy and rainy week, ending in climax with a typhoon. I learned than you better check your flight regularly and be able to be at the airport earlier than your previous plan to get in one that can fly before the storm.

Looking forward to the next trip ! 


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