Technically home sweet home

I usually say I'm from Hiroshima. Although it's actually not true.
My town is exactly on the border of Okayama and Hiroshima, and my home address is Okayama side, but I always hang out in Hiroshima, my mom goes to grocery shopping almost everyday on Hiroshima side, our dialect is also Hiroshima-ben and overall, I don't know much about Okayama.

Lat weekend, I visited Okayama city for my friend's wedding ceremony and reception.
And of course I decided to stay at a guesthouse in Okayama for the first time!
The place was hip, they have cafe and gallery on the first floor, second floor is the hostel and top floor is rental space for exhibitions or private events. The staff I talked at the reception was so excited when I told her that I also work at a hostel, and told me about a bit of Okayama hostel situation like they only have 3 guesthouses in Okayama city, or their concept and location. She was so nice!

In the evening, I hit the town to catch up with my friend who used to live in Fukuyama, and it was such a blast!

And the next day, I checked-out a bit early and decided to walk all the way to Kourakuen (one of the 3 major Japanese gardens) taking about 40 mins. (I'm a slow walker.)

It was so great seeing the city in the crisp morning - the riverside area was mysteriously foggy, and so quiet on Saturday. I had coffee in my hand, and enjoyed the fall air in my "home" that I'm not familiar with.

I almost forgot that Okayama is a castle town! Unfortunately I didn't have time to pay a visit to the beautiful black castle this time but hopefully soon.

My friend's wedding was held at Kourakuen garden! It was so nice to be a part of traditional Japanese style wedding (which is not very common now) at that perfect location with many kimono ladies!

Wedding ceremony, and party at a hotel banquet, following after party and after party...
Seeing my high-school friends was definitely highlight of my stay this time but next time I should explore a lot more of Okayama for sure!



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