The Rocket Chicken Dinner in Hiroshima!!

Hi, this is Shiz from J Hoppers Hiroshima.
It was my birthday last Sunday and I barely made it to dinner on that night. (Pretty much sleeping... eating  and going back sleeping the whole morning and afternoon from drinking the night before... it was so much fun haha).

So, this dinner place that we went, I heard it from my friends and I wanted to try out.
Different friends told me about it at different times but they were saying exactly the same thing about this chicken, " I don't know what they do to the chicken, but it's sooooo gooood!!!".
So we booked this place and got to see what they serve.

!!!Rocket Chicken!!!
Steamed? and grilled using lots of spices and herbs? and bourbon whiskey. Yes, it was soooo goooood. They cut it for you and serve it with this special sauce in the middle.
Oh my ****!!! Damn!! The sauce!!!! I don't know what they do to the chicken and the sauce but it was sooooooooo gooooooood!!!!! I'll definitely come back.

They serve an automatic appetizer for 300yen(small salad: green lettuce and whitebaite)(it's like a seating charge)  and this is all you can eat!
Their other dishes were also good. We enjoyed everything and ate too much lol.

とり酒場 EL GRILL 袋町店
  UEDA Bld 1F 2-23 Fukuromachi Nakaku Hiroshima city 
  OPEN: 5pm - 0am Holidays: Irregular



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