Autumn Hiking in Takayama Japan :: Harayama, Matsukura Hiking

Hi everyone !
It is Nana from Cheap hotel in Takayama, J-Hoppers Hida Takayama Guesthouse.

Some days ago the weather was still nice and the sky clear, so I headed up to one of my favorite point of view in Takayama : Harayama. This place is quite unknown but I really do like the open view from the summit. And I was lucky as I enjoyed a view from Hakusan to Norikura ~ Well a little more snow would have been incredible, but the foliage would not have been as good as this too... Hard to get everything at the same time !

View from Harayama
This big loop is a walk that I normally recommend for people who wants to do a small hike but do not have time or money to get to the Alps. If you start walking form the guesthouse the all loop is long enough to last about 3h, specially if you add Matsukura Castle ruins as I do every times. The course start behind the Hida Folk Village so I took some times to get a shot of the foliage there too. Then you can choose to start your loop either by Matsukura or Harayama. This time I went to Harayama first through the para-glider field. Then from Harayama I chose the Kanon temple path to reach Matsukura as I wanted to see Ontake too. And I saw it !  Then from Matsukura I took a really small path to go back to the folk village. I would not recommend this path to anyone, as another one is easier to walk.

Hida Folk Village
Para-glider field

On my way

Ontake on the way

Norikura on the way

Shin-Hotaka range from Matsukura

Norikura from Matsukura
So if you would like to do some exercice this is quite of a small hike.
Takayama : 500m | Harayama : 905m | Matsukura : 857m
Just be careful about the bears and either took a bear bell or hit the metalic barrels on your way !


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