German Market in Umeda

Hi, there! I'm Tomo and work at J-hoppers Kyoto. This year is about to end soon. This year, I came back from Australia and became a staff in J-hoppers Kyoto. It was over a half year ago. Every year when it ends, I'm surprised by how fast time goes by. Next year, I'm turning 25, which is called arasa-(means around 30). I want to keep moving forward every single day to become a good guy!
 By the way, what did you do yesterday, on the Christmas day? Are you one of the happiest who spent time with lovers or saddest without lovers? I wish I could be the former but in fact I was the latter. But, at least I had male friends to hang out with me and we went to a German Christmas market in Umeda.
 There were so many people coming to the event because the day was Christmas. I saw a lot of vendors that sell German food and bought the most famous one, a German sausage with bread. That sausage was so juicy and had an amazing taste!! 

 After we enjoyed the sausage, we went to see a hanging garden(空中庭園).
It was so high and so cold outside, but the view from the observation was stunning. The lights over all buildings were shining so brightly.

We had a great Christmas night!
Thank you for reading.
Hope you will have a great New Year!!


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