Kinosaki Baby ♡

Hi there !  Madi from Kyoto Hana :)

Last 2 days, I went to Kinosaki Onsen town as my Christmas ? New years ? holiday :P And it was fantastic overnight trip ♡

Kinosaki Onsen town is 2 hours away by train or 3 hours by a car from Kyoto which means NOT SO far !
The town itself has a long history more than 1000 years, one of the oldest onsen town so that the townscape is historical and reminds you Gion area in Kyoto. But one big difference is that the town holds 7 different onsen and also each accommodation hold own onsen inside their properties.
If you may hesitate to share a bath with others, you can also try foot bath :)

In the town, it is very popular for hopping these 7 onsen when you are there. Also you can enjoy high standard seafood (especially crabs) and high rank beef called Tajima beef in the town with amazing cheap price !

Sorry for food bomb :P

In winter you can see beautiful snow and in summer, you can enjoy fire works in historical town, that's what I told by the receptionist at the accommodation. (Unfortunately you can NOT see snow and fireworks in Kyoto city...) This can be another good reason to go there :)

Well so anyway I was treated very well by this beautiful onsen town and so satisfied !!! I absolutely recommend to visit there :)

Happy holidays !!!!!


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