NZ trip

Konnichiwa from Hiroshima Hana hostel It's Kana here.
Year 2018 will arrive in few weeks I hope all of you will enjoy rest of year 2017 without any regrets.

I visited New Zealand from Nov 24th to Dec 6th !!! It is getting colder here in Japan but New Zealand is just about to be in summer!!
New Zealand is one of my favorite country since I spent my high school there.
I love New Zealand wine, weather, people, Pie, great nature and...almost everything.

This time I tried fly fishing in the sea. It was my first time, I do fly fishing in the river but not in the sea. Many things are different and it was just sooooo exciting!!!

 I got many helps and finally caught 1 big king-fish which was 57cm!!! I fraught for almost 10 minutes to get it and I made it!!  We needed to release it due to regulation(was not big enough to take it with us).

I am now getting interested in fly fishing in the sea more than the river!!

Tell me the good spot in your country! I am really keen to try one day!!


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