1 night 2 days in Tokyo and Nikko

Hi! This is Ena from Hiroshima Hana Hostel.
This year is almost over and year 2018 is coming SOON!
Have you made your new year’s resolution?
For the past five years (or longer), I have been wanted to correct my round shoulders so my resolution for year 2018 is to get a straight back!!!

In early December, I visited Tokyo to see my friends;a friend of mine from Thailand since she came to Tokyo on her first visit to Tokyo and also 2 of my Japanese friends,from Tokyo and Yokohama.We knew each other when we were in Australia and it was the first time in 4 years to see each other again.
My Thai friend visited Japan with her family this time.

On our first day,we explored Tokyo.We went to Shibuya and had dinner together at an Izakaya restaurant. My Thai friend liked the Japanese dishes especially Motsunabe ,which is a Japanese hotpot with offal of pork (Motsu) and vegetables.

Next day,we visited Nikko. Actually,I was planning to spend 2days in Tokyo but my Thai friend suggested me to join her family trip to Nikko.Since my Japanese friends who spend a day together on the first day had to work on the day, I went there with 11 Thai people!

To be honest,I had never been there yet and I did not know much about Nikko before this trip.However,her aunt (Of cause,she is Thai)knows about it very well and took us to many sightseeing spots in Nikko:the famous 3 wise monkies;see no evil,hear no evil,and speak no evil,Nikko Toshogu Shrine,Shinkyo Bridge and Nikko Futarasan Shrine.Also,we had Tofu skin which is called Yuba  with soba noodle.
I was thinking before the trip that Nikko is really far from Tokyo. However, it took just 2hours by train from Asakusa, Tokyo.

We all did NOT have a JR Pass but her aunt told me that there is a 2Days-Pass for JR trains from Tokyo to Nikko and buses to explore the world heritage sites in Nikko with JPY2,670.Although we need to pay 1080yen more to reserve Rapid trains,I think it is so cheap! More details about the Pass(ENG):http://www.tobu.co.jp/foreign/en/pass/twoday.html 

Thanks to my job,I have many opportunity to hear about many places all over my country,Japan. However,I have not been to many places in my country yet.Fortunately,I was taught good things in Japan by them during this trip.


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