I'm sooooooooo excited that I've got a DROOOOOOOOOOONE!!!

Hey, this is Shiz from J-Hoppers Hiroshima. I've got a new toy! I've always liked electronic stuff since I was little that's maybe because of my brother. We used to play video games a lot when we were kids and now he became a computer graphic/illustrator so he still buys lots of games n stuff. Lucky me that I get things that he doesn't use anymore. Play Stations, Nintendos, DSs, Oculus, PC, lots and lots of video game softwares, etc. And now, I have a drone that I've always wanted!!
It's got a good camera. I can control it with my phone.
Test flight from the rooftop of J-Hoppers Hiroshima!!

Later this day, I went to Tondo festival (bonfire burning last years lucky charms, ceremonial arrows and talismans) @ Gokoku shrine. Fire should be as high as a house but I just caught the end of it.
So fun taking photos and videos controlling the drone but both drone and phone batteries die real quick......buuuut it's worth it:D


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