Solo travel in Kusatsu

Hi,there! This is Misaki from Osaka Hana Hostel.

Last year in December, I went to Kusatsu onsen by myself. It tkes about 7 hours from Kobe by Shinkansen and bus to get there. It was really tiring but I don't really use Shinkansen (which is way more expensive than bus) so it was kinda fun!
And luckily I saw a beautiful Mt.Fuji from Shinkansen! Although I was impressed to see it, I had no one can share this feeling with me, that was sad part of the solo travel Lol

When I got to Kusatsu onsen, I had lunch right away and headed to guest house.
This guest house is not a new one everything seemed very old but person who works there was really nice to me and the best part was they have a big hot spring which is private! It was really cozy like heaven!

I took a break at guest house for a while and then watched Yumomi show. Yumomi is the centuries-old method employed to cool down Kusatsu's hot spring water to bathing temperature without diluting it with cold water and thus attenuating its special qualities. After watching Yumomi show, audience is able to have Yumomi experience. If you want to try it, I recommend to watch on the first floor because one you get inside of the building, it's not really easy to move around.

After that, I went to Sainowara Rotenburo. This large public open air bath (rotenburo) in Sainokawara Park is one of Japan's largest and wide enough to accommodate more than 100 bathers. I felt the hot spring water was hot, I couldn't stay for longer. I became hungry after taking a bath, had Tsukemen which is dipping sauce was so tasty!

While I was in Kusatsu, I was like where has the time gone? Time goes by so quickly! I'm surely go back here again near in the future!


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