Tea Ceremony at Home

Hi! This is Nozomi from JHoppers Hiroshima.

Since my mother teaches tea ceremony, probably unlike most of Japanese family we often have maccha (green tea) at home.

We had it yesterday also.

Here is the photo of the tea and the sweet we had yesterday.

Tea ceremony has many branches but
* Omote Senke,
* Ura Senke and
* Mushano Koji Senke
are the main three branches nowadays.

My mother belongs to Ura Senke.
In Ura Senke, beat the green tea that the bubble (?) will be very small and smooth like the one in below picture.

The sweet was from my boyfriend. It is called "Kodai Yaki (means "ancient baked sweet")". A gift he brought from Nara prefecture. It was very very delicious!

Here is the close-up of "Kodai Yaki". 

And the package of the sweet :).

If you want to try green tea, you may find some useful information on this asoview site (sorry the site is in Japanese. Please have someone's help to find out the information you want!).



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