Colourful NYC

Early Feb, me and my boyfriend visited New York - where he was born and raised.

It was my second time visiting there, last time was 12years ago when I didn't speak the language, and everything was overwhelming.

Long way there - 2 times of transit and we almost lost our luggage, and stuck in the airplane in Canada but we finally made it to NYC.
snowy Toronto
And we got invited for my boyfriend's friend's party soon after we landed there - it was in Red Hook which is another hot spot and very industrial area. He is an artist and just opened his new studio that is a warehouse.

That was absolutely NYC experience which gave me a chance to meet a lot of cool people, and many of his friends who are very welcoming and easy to talk to. The place had DJs, artworks and great vibes in the middle of sketchy area. Amazing first night in NYC!

From Day2, I got to see some people I always wanted to hang out again.

NYC bagels with Karim! I first met him in Kyoto when he was studying for summer, and now he lives/works in NYC. So nice catching up with him, talking about people we both know!

And next day we met up with Sam, who stayed at J-Hoppers back in January! He's managing really cool site which has Brooklyn Flea, we really enjoyed talking about how different our lives can be in both Japan and America. He showed us around and gave us a lift! (Thank you!)   

And on Valentine's day, we got to hang out with Jen and Narrick who visited us in Kyoto last year!

We met up at a bar in Brooklyn and then went to Brooklyn Bowl to see a live-show by The Wailers! They used to play with Bob Marley, their music is fun to dance to, and so felt much energy and message!

And of course we really enjoyed family time, we celebrated my boyfriend's birthday with his parents and their friend, and spent a lot of time talking to get to know each other better.

Time flies - it felt like we just arrived last night but actually spent a week!
It was so great seeing our friends again, visiting some cool sites, meeting new people and overall, experiences great NYC again. His family is mixed (dad is from Macedonia, mom is from Argentina), and they live in Queens which is most diversified place in the world. Most of his friends' family got really unique background too. NYC is so vivid and cultured, very welcoming and exciting place - glad to have local to show me around, and thank you J-Hoppers Kyoto team to have given me holiday!

I'd love to go back again in the near future!

delicious Macedonian Ajvar



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