Day Trip to Kurahashi island

Hi there! This is Ena from Hiroshima Hana Hostel.
We had a SUPER cold winter this year and had snow even here in Hiroshima.However,it has been quite warm since last week.I can feel spring is coming little by little.
I have been getting into driving to islands in Hiroshima lately.
In January,I went on a short trip to  Shimanami-Kaido,which is a 60kilometer long toll road between Onomichi,Hiroshima and Imabari,Ehime.I visited a sacred shrine and had tasty dishes.I was attracted to that.

And this time,I went to Kurahashi island in Kure with my mom,my aunt and her dog,Momo.One day,my mom found a cafe with a good atmosphere on Instagram.
It is called Cafe SLOW.On their website,they say  that there is a terrace which we can have lunch with our dog.It was a bit chilly day but we chose the terrace seat for our sweet dog,Momo. Here is my favorite picture of her with tasty Vietnam food.Look at her face!!

There are also BBQ and oyster huts outside.(Reservation required in advance). After that,we took a stroll along the beach called Katsura'ga'-hama in Kurahashi.It reminded me of Katsura-hama in Kochi. Since I visited Kochi in 2016, I felt like I was there again. It was too cold to swim then but in summer you can swim and also try SUP at Katsuraga-hama.
On the way back home,we also found a heart-shaped island!

If you have a car,I highly recommend you to drive to islands in Hiroshima.
Which island should I go NEXT? :)


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